Globat Review

Globat is a leader in the hosting industry that always finds new and innovative ways to offer more to their customers than any other companies could every dream of. Globat's blog, promotions, and amazingly crazy advertising antics create a personal connection to their customers and the public is like nothing I have ever seen. There are some really creative minds at work at Globat that always manage to keep their company in the lime light and growing year after year.


Globat offers an unbelievable amount of standard features for rock bottom prices. 1000 GB of bandwidth per month and 100 GB of space all for 6.95, its enough to make you think they are crazy. As if that was not enough they offer a laundry list of extras including a $50 marketing credit, 1 click blog installation, real time search engine submissions, site building software, and discounts on all sorts of web design products.


Globat's equipment is hosted at their main data center located in California at the famed One Wilshire building, which serves as a major hub for telecommunication providers on a global basis. Their power is conditioned, monitored and backed up by UPS and diesel generators which means your site will be online through thick and thin. I might be wrong but, as far as I know Globat is the only hosting company in the business that offers a 1 year money back guarantee. Now that is reliability.

Control Panel

Globat offers their own full featured web hosting control panel. The Globat Command Console forms the center of your web hosting experience, allowing you to manage e-mail addresses, statistics, databases, password protected folders, bandwidth, and files. Whether you are new to hosting or an experienced professional the Command Console will make your job easy and straightforward.

Customer Support

Like most big name hosting companies Globat offers 24 hour 7 day a week phone, email, and live chat support. Now days that is nothing special, instead we consider these forms of support the bare minimum in the web hosting industry. Where I think Globat stands out from the rest is their extremely well organized FAQ database that will make it fast and simple to answer all of your common questions.