HostingZoom Review

HostingZoom says they are all about power, speed, and reliability and these guys do deliver. I have always been a big fan of this company and they way they put themselves on the line. They actually put huge download files right on their site so you can test their network performance any time of the day. On top of that they are always up to date with the latest network technology from their top notch security to their clustered failover web hosting.


The HostingZoom advanced web hosting package includes 5,000 MB of storage space and 100 GB monthly bandwidth allowing you to host thousands of web pages and serve up millions of hits. If there is a downside to HostingZoom it might be that they do not offer a bunch of freebies. You will get site building software and some website statistics with your hosting plan but no really big extras at this time.


HostingZoom's new clustered fail over hosting makes them the most reliable company we have ever dealt with. The bulk of web hosting providers offer hosting with no redundancy. If the server your website is hosted on fails you will definitely wind up with downtime. On the other hand with HostngZoom you will get a redundant setup that distributes the load across several servers to improve your websites overall performance. Additionally, all of your data is mirrored in real-time and in the event of a server failure their failover application will route all of your website traffic to another available server thus keeping your website online with no downtime until the problem is resolved.

Control Panel

HostingZoom offers the widely popular cPanel control panel software with their web hosting accounts. cPanel is the standard in web hosting control. They also bundle in Fantastico which allows you to auto install over 50 leading pieces of software with just one click. It does not get much simpler than that.

Customer Support

When it comes to support HostingZoom really offers it all. They have the most extensive flash tutorials I have ever seen, they are also perfectly categorized making them easy to find and use. They also provide 24/7 support via a live chat interface and easy to use trouble tickets. If you have a problem HostingZoom will be there to walk you through it.