HostGator Review

HostGator is a real down home hosting company. Over the years they have grown to be one of the largest hosting providers online boasting over 400k websites hosted. The cool thing about HostGator is that their success has not changed a thing except their ability to offer their quality hosting plans at even lower rates. They still provide unreal support, so unreal that you can actually reply to the CEO of the company if you are not satisfied with their first line of support. Now that is personal service at its finest.


It should be noted that HostGator does offer quite a few different hosting options but for the purpose of this review we are talking about their "baby" plan. HostGator offers 5 GB of disk space, 75 GB of bandwidth, and the ability to host as many websites as you like for fewer than 10 bucks per month. They do not offer much in the way of freebie type add-ons like some other companies but, they do quite often offer coupons assuring you a great deal.


When you host your website with HostGator you will be hosted on a top of the line Dual Xeon server with the ability to back up your website at any time via your control panel. That kind of hardware coupled with the ability to back up on the fly means that your website will always be available to the net with minimal downtime. Their servers are so up to date and their network is so solid that HostGator can rest easily knowing that they promise their customers 99.9% uptime.

Control Panel

When it comes to a great hosting control panel HostGator has it right with the latest version of cPanel. With this great control panel you will have the ability to not only control all of your websites but you will also have the ability to install over 52 popular scripts with one click of the mouse. If you want to take it for a test drive they do make a demo available for potential client's right on their plan page.

Customer Support

HostGator has the best support I have ever had the pleasure to work with. If you are browsing the HostGator website looking for a new hosting plan they flat out tell you to test them via their 800 number or live chat. They have so much pride in their veteran support team and I can not think of anything more important. Let's not forget that special hookup with HostGator as their owner Brent Oxley is at your disposal if you for any reason become dissatisfied.