Web Hosting Tips

Web Hosting Support

Web hosting support should be priority number one. With most reputable hosting companies you are not going to need support all that often but, when you do, someone should be there for you. Do yourself a favor and try to contact a company's toll free number or send them and email and see how long it takes for them to respond. It is better to do your own research now instead of finding out the hard way if troubles arise in the future.

Web Hosting Reviews

No review, is a good review. Sounds confusing? I have had experience running web hosting directories that accepted user submitted reviews and I must tell you that 9 out of 10 reviews were complaints. I have talked to many people in the hosting industry and it seems that people are 90% more apt to write a bad review than a good review. Why you ask? Happy customers don't visit websites and take the time to write reviews, they are busy working on their smoothly running websites. So if you are looking for a review of a web host and you only find a couple of bad reviews then chances are you have found yourself a quality host.